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Your application

Every application is unique, and we treat each one as such. Read on for an overview of our standard application procedure


1. Your application
You can easily apply for any vacancy via the ‘Apply Now’ button on the job page on the career page ( by providing few personal details and your CV. Recommendation, not a must: add a motivational letter to explain why you are qualified for the position and why you should be considered for the role and a career at HRS. As soon as you have successfully submitted your application you will get an application confirmation from HRS. If there are no current vacancies matching your experience or interest, we recommend to regularly check for new roles as we do have new vacancies coming up throughout the year.


2. Initial screening
The HRS recruiting team conducts a first screening of your CV and other application documents in some cases might also request further supporting documents. If there is an initial match, your application will also be reviewed by a line manager. For sure, we will also check if there are other potentially matching roles available that could be of interest to you. Within 10 days after your application submission you can expect to hear back from us on next steps.


3. Assessments
Depending on the role you applied for at HRS we do run specific assessments (e.g., numerical reasoning test for analytical positions, interest and behavioral profiling for sales positions, coding challenges for tech developers, short role plays for leadership positions, etc.) as part and at different stages of the application process. Your recruiter will inform you about these specifics early on in the application process.


4. Interviews
You will usually have first telephone/skype interviews with the recruiter and/or someone from the receiving business unit to exchange some basic information about the role and to ask further questions not answered by your submitted application documents.
To increase your chance to success at this stage we recommend you prepare:
– Try to imagine the role and think about further questions you may have to understand if this role is in line with your interest and ambition.
– Check out information about HRS that is available online – also on our career site.
In person interviews thereafter are conducted in our offices. You can expect to have several interviews with different stakeholders. This, on the one hand, allows us to get a better picture of you as a person, your motivation and skills and, and on the other hand, will give you the opportunity to learn more about HRS and potential future colleagues.
For some roles we even offer a “getting to know you” day as follow up to the interviews, allowing you to get a realistic preview of the role and team you could become part of.

We try our best for you to have the best possible candidate experience with us. However, please understand that since the General Equal Treatment Act (German: Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – AGG) has come into effect and to avoid liability claims, we cannot provide detailed feedback on interview performance nor any detailed information about our personnel decisions.


5. Offer stage
Usually, the recruiter will contact you to touch base with you after the interviews and to communicate the hiring decision from our side – potentially an offer. Please note that especially when applying for senior positions you can be requested to provide two professional personal references at this stage. For selected positions and due to compliance reasons, a background integrity check can also be part of the process.


6. Onboarding
Once you have agreed to our offer to join HRS, you will receive the relevant official documents and the team will gear you up for your start. On your first day you will get a general introduction to the HRS Group and your manager will introduce you to the team and your ready-set workplace. A personal onboarding plan with regular checkpoints will guide you through the first days, weeks and months. Within the first months you will also be able to participate in the regional or global HRS intro days, designed to give you a complete and detailed understanding of all activities of the HRS Group. In addition, a buddy will be assigned to you to help you in finding your way in the day to day life at HRS. We want you to feel most welcome and to get up to speed as soon as possible!

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