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The perfect match! – Tips for applicants from our recruiters

27.02.2017 from Olimpia Best

Have you got passion, entrepreneurship and team spirit? Are you also results-driven and good at coming up with the right solutions, even in a dynamic environment? If so, we’ll get along very well. At HRS, it matters a great deal how much you match the HRS corporate values, and this ‘match factor’ plays a crucial role in the application process.

The culture of the HRS Group is our DNA – it is important to us that employees can identify with our values: whatever their background, they must be enterprising, passionate, dynamic, performance-driven and team-oriented. Applicants should find out as much as they can about HRS prior to applying and demonstrate an interest in the world of (business) travel. If they can also offer specific ideas and suggestions about the impact they hope to have at HRS, this will score them extra points – because our goal is to hire qualified employees who want to become pioneers and innovators in their respective fields.

What else is important to us? We asked Stoffel van den Berge, a recruiter at HRS.


What do you look for first in an application?
There’s no set answer to that. It completely depends on the department the application is for. In Communications, the covering letter would be the first test of suitability; in the case of developers, it would be more about the applicant’s background. Of course, it also depends on the individual recruiter, and how they assess applications. A convincing CV, which clearly shows the applicant’s employment history and background, is always essential.

What is the usual process?
After we have looked at the online application, one of the recruiting team conducts an initial telephone interview to see whether the applicant is a good fit for HRS personality-wise. We then invite the applicant to take an online test to establish their general skills and aptitude. If first impressions indicate a good match on both a personal and a professional level, we will want to get to know them better through telephone and face-to-face interviews with colleagues from the department concerned. For managers, we also have an Assessment Centre, which checks out the applicant’s management skills.

Why did HRS decide to implement a multi-stage selection process?
Our primary concern is cultural fit. We have a clear vision, and we’ve agreed on five core values, which every single employee lives and breathes on a daily basis. That is why we have a multi-stage process, which thoroughly examines both the specialist skills and the personal suitability of applicants, to ensure that, on the whole, we get the best candidates for HRS.

What about career changes, where an employee transfers from a completely different field?
Generally speaking, we are open to hiring career changers from various fields. But it depends very much on the candidate’s transferable skills and how they fit in personality-wise. However, in some areas it’s perfectly feasible and we already have internal and external career changers.

And what in particular do you look for in interviews?
We feel it is important to gain a new personality along with a new employee – which is why we like to get to know a person as much as possible during the application process. To ensure a good fit with the existing team, we make a point of emphasising the HRS values: passionate, enterprising, dynamic, performance-driven, team-oriented. A sales employee, for example, needs to offer a special kind of passion and drive to perform.

Have you any personal tips to offer applicants?
Always be true to yourself and never pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s important. It goes without saying that we want our employees to feel at home here, in an environment that allows them to develop their creativity and entrepreneurial potential. At HRS resilience is an important ingredient for success. I appreciate candidates sharing experiences that demonstrate how they have dealt with change or bounced back from a difficult situation.

If you still have questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us any time – or apply now for one of our current vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you!