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Inside the team
HRS Italy

08.12.2016 from Olimpia Best

Who is drinking the best coffee at HRS? Probably our colleagues at the Italian office in Milan. We wanted to know what else they need do show high performance and what makes them special within the HRS Group: Read the interview with Marco D. (Managing Director), Luca (Director of Sales), Marco B. (Head of Regional Hotel Sales), Antonio (Head of Regional Hotel Sales), Gualtiero (Senior Account Manager) and Flaminia (Senior M&G Account Manager).

Introduce yourself with three hashtags
#focused #passionate #smiling

How do you start your working day usually?
Flaminia: At first I take my time to read my emails and put down my to do list. This helps me to have a global idea of which will be my activities and priorities on the day.
Antonio: Before I switch on my PC and check my emails with a cup of coffee as well, I have to start my day with a very abundant breakfast in order to have a lot of energy to spend.
Luca: For me it is the same. I can’t start my day without drinking a good Italian coffee while looking at production figures of the day before.


What is the biggest challenge in your job?
Marco D.: One of the biggest challenges is to open new sources of multiple qualified leads with high conversion probability.
Flaminia: My biggest challenge is on the client side. I have to find a way to meet client needs but also to respect the hotels’ ideas and – last but not least – meet my sales colleagues expectations. MICE is like a jungle, you need to try to satisfy all the stakeholders but you don’t have to lose focus.
Gualtiero: It’s also key to persuade the companies of the worthiness and unicity of our value proposition.

Our HRS values are: entrepreneurial, passionate, dynamic, performance- and team-oriented. With which one do you identify most and why?
Marco D.: Performance-oriented. I think it’s the prerequisite for the other values. In order to be dynamic, passionate, team-orientated and entrepreneurial you need to seek for a good performance.
Flaminia: For me, team-orientation is the key value. I think that you can only achieve great results when you successfully work within a team, sharing information and experience. It is indispensable for success to support and rely on each other.
Gualtiero: I agree with Flaminia. Though for me, passion is the key value. Being passionate means to really love what you do, to be motivated and to believe in job even if challenges are ahead. And if you be passionate, you will be successful.

What do you like most about your job?
Gualtiero: I really like to keep contact with the clients and to have the opportunity to think new strategies and implement new solutions.
Marco B.: As head of Regional Hotel Sales I like about my job to manage my team and see them happy and passionate.
Luca: I simply love it to develop new sales and creating unique and different stories with each team member.


What makes your role at HRS indispensable?
Marco B.: I see my position as a needed part of HRS Italy that drives it to the best performer on the market.
Antonio: It is like in every family: if you consider your team as a family, you will understand that supporting the others help them solve their daily issues. This is what I believe every team needs and at the same time it is what makes my role indispensable at HRS.

Who has inspired you most in your career and how?
Marco D.: I have met two people in my career who inspired me: The first one is Pierandrea Galli, my former boss, for her strategic vision and the great human leadership for example. Marco is the second one who showed me how to make things happen with a strong will, clear objectives and execution.
Luca: My father keeps inspiring me every day with his capability to transform every single challenge in an opportunity, going beyond everything.
Marco B.: I take my inspiration from the positive colleagues in the organisation

What is special about the Italian Office?
Luca: “We love to make it happen.” The slogan already includes the special and unique character of the Italian office. Our energy and team spirit are the key of our success.
Antonio: I agree. I think we are unique and everything is special about us: people are special, atmosphere is special, working here is special. To put it in a nutshell, the spirit of unity is real here.
Flaminia: Absolutely! We are a very strong team and perfectly collaborate. Every one of us is supportive, curious and interested in what the colleagues do.


How does the city you currently live in inspire you?
Flaminia: I moved from Rome to Milan three months ago. Since then, I’ve been feeling simply relaxed. Milan is a very European city, really innovative and well-organized. This mood of Milan affects my daily job. I feel more focused and have the chance to take care of important projects for our MICE activities and to develop new ideas as well.

Words of wisdom for next generation?
Antonio: If this message could really reach the next generation, the only thing I can say is: be better than your previous generation. Learn from our mistakes. No war anymore, no terrorism. Just enjoy life which is the best present that everyone of us has received.

Team Italy rafting at the Mont Blanc