Are you unbeatable as a team? Come and join the HRS Innovation Hub!

07.03.2017 from Jana

The HRS Innovation Hub offers creative minds and lateral thinkers ample opportunities to work on new projects and innovative ideas. But it is not just for individuals. Using the slogan ‘Bring Your Own Team’, we are now also looking for complete teams, who can bring their combined strength to the HRS Innovation Hub. We asked Gina Renner, recruiter and HR consultant for the HRS Innovation Hub, to explain the idea of taking on whole teams.

You initiated the ‘Bring Your Own Team’ idea at HRS. What exactly is involved?
We want to create an atmosphere in which employees enjoy working and feel comfortable. They should be striving to reach their full potential and develop their projects further. We are confident that the best way to achieve this is for people to work in a team, in which they feel at ease and which makes them enjoy coming to work. So what could be more engaging than starting to work for a new employer together with faces and personalities I already know and get on well with on a personal level? This is precisely what we want to facilitate in the Innovation Hub.


What backgrounds and experiences should the teams bring with them?
We feel it is important for a team to be made up of a colourful mixture of members who really complement each other. We don’t specify blanket skill sets. People need to be flexible in order to like working here. We don’t have rigid processes, every day is different and the work covers a broad spectrum.

So what might a team application look like?
We are always pleased to receive unusual applications – for example, in the form of a group photo or a video, which introduces the whole team and gives unconventional answers to questions about added value, prospects for the future and the team’s uniqueness.

It is said that a team is only as strong as its weakest member. What makes a good team?
With a team, it all comes down to how the members interact. As a group, the most important things are to respond to the different personalities and needs, accept differing opinions, address problems directly and openly, make compromises now and than and always keep the common goal firmly in mind. It’s all about ensuring that the different personalities complement each other. And ultimately, it’s about celebrating shared successes rather than taking them for granted.

What happens in the next stage of the recruitment process?
Good question! We look at each application individually. Of course, it depends very much on the backgrounds represented in the team. Possibilities include joint presentations, coding sessions in the form of little hackathons or a joint case that needs resolving. We discuss a situation and look at how the topic can be tackled as a team.

So it’s a case of the whole team or no one? Are there any alternatives?
NO, definitely not. We want a team; otherwise we loose sight of the original objective.

How would you describe the working atmosphere in the Innovation Hub?
If I had to describe the HRS Innovation Hub in one word, it would be ‘multicultural’. That is what makes us special. Also, everyone is really helpful. It feels like a little ‘family’, even though we’re all still relatively new to each other and we’re still building the team. There is a sense of mutual respect, support and an openness towards new ideas and their implementation. Put simply, it’s a place, where you feel at home!

If you are interested in working @ the HRS Innovation Hub you will find all positions here.